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CHOICES (1 of 40)

Title: Choices
Author: ariel_0988
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor. No pairings, though hints of Ten/Rose
Spoilers: All of Series 3
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Summary: Rose Tyler remains with the Doctor after Doomsday, but her choice has brought consequences that she did not foresee. But when Martha Jones joins the TARDIS crew, she realises that tensions are running high between the Doctor and his human companion. Can Martha Jones heal Rose's broken heart and mend the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, or is Rose doomed to wander the stars with a man who has had his faith shaken in human kind by Rose's one significant choice? Series 3 AU.

Author's Note: This story can be found completed elsewhere on the web. I have also started posting Choices before on an old Live Journal account of mine, which also was posted on Life on Martha, but I never completely finished posting it, so in light of finishing the series I set out to do has been completed, I thought I would start posting my whole AU from scratch. I should also warn you that it was significantly difficult to add in Rose to the first two-three stories of Series 3, so please bear with me as later on in later adaptations of the episodes, more changes will be made. It *does* start off in Martha's POV, but throughout the story, starts to switch from Martha to Rose to the Doctor. The chapters are quite long. I will be updating daily.


It was just the start of another hectic day for Martha Jones as she walked down the busy London road towards the Royal Hope Hospital where she was working as a trainee-doctor. She took this route every day. Her rented flat was quite close to an underground station and she boarded the tube on her days of duty and then got off at the station closest to the hospital. She was just contemplating the evening plans she had with her family when a shrill ring-tone interrupted her thoughts.

Martha sighed, already knowing that it would be one of her family wanting her help with the party tonight. She reached into her pocket pulling out her mobile, looking at who was ringing before answering. It was her elder sister, Tish. She spoke before Martha could even get a word in.

“Martha, I’m glad I’ve got hold of you!”

“You’re up early!” Tish was never up this early in the morning – it was unusual for her, unless something big was occurring. “What’s happening?” she asked, dreading the answer.

“It’s a nightmare because Dad won’t listen, and I’m telling you, Mum is going mental. Swear to god, Martha, this is epic. You’ve got to get in there and stop him!”

Martha shook her head. “How do I do that?” Her family always leaned on her to sort out everything. She was the peacemaker of the Jones family – the one that everyone turned to, to sort out their problems.

Tish sounded exasperated as she replied. “Tell him he can’t bring her!”

Her phone rang again. “Hold on, I’ve got an incoming call. I’ll call you back.”

Disconnecting the call from her sister, she answered the one coming from her brother. Before she could speak her brother was talking, not giving her the chance to wish him a happy birthday.

“Martha, if Mum and Dad start to kick off, tell them I don't even want a party. I didn't even ask for one. They can always give me the money instead.”

“But why do I have to tell them? Why can’t you?” asked Martha. It was Leo’s birthday party after all – if he didn’t want the party then he should say so and not leave it up to his sister to do it for him. She was about to suggest that he say something when her phone rang again. She looked at the name of the incoming call – her mother. “Sorry, Leo, I’ve got mum calling. I will get back to you later.”

Francine Jones sounded busy as she spoke to her daughter. “I don’t mind your father making a fool of himself in private, but this is Leo’s 21st, everyone is going to be there, and the entire family is going to look ridiculous.”

Everyone in their neighborhood knew that Clive Jones had run off with a younger model. It hadn’t sat well with Francine and still didn’t.

“Mum, it’s a party! I can’t stop Dad from bringing his girlfriend,” said Martha, knowing it was futile. Her mother wouldn’t accept it. She was saved from the rebuttal when her phone rang again. “Hold on, that’s Dad, I will call you back.”

“Martha? Tell your mother, Leo is my son, and I’m paying for half that party. I’m entitled to bring who I like.”

“I know, but think what it’s going to look like for Mum, if you’re standing there with Annalise.”

Her father’s reply did nothing to help the situation. He just could not see what the problem was with his girlfriend. “What’s wrong with Annalise?”

Before she could form an articulate reply to help her father understand bringing her would be a bad idea, a shrill voice cut her off. She moved the phone away from her ear as Annalise’s voice shouted down the phone.

“Is that Martha? Say hi. Hi, Martha, hi!”

Martha put on a false smile, trying to keep her voice sounding like she was pleased to hear her. “Hi, Annalise.”

She could distinctly hear what Annalise was proposing to her father. She was telling him to take her shopping. Martha shook her head. Clive Jones had never done that for Francine Jones – at least not in a long time. There was no point in trying to finish the conversation, so she closed her phone and continued to walk down Chancery Street, hoping that there would not be anymore interruptions.

Suddenly, a tall man wearing a brown pinstripe suit, with messy brown hair stepped in front of her.

“Like so, see?” He took off his tie and held it up to her.

There was a young woman next to him, who shook her head. “That is not going to work, Doctor.” The woman turned to Martha and said, “Look at what I’m wearing and remember it cos it will be the only time you see it.”

Martha shook her head, trying to get her mind round the situation. “What?”

The man grabbed the other woman’s hand and pulled her away. “I know what I’m doing, you don’t. Why don’t you ever listen to me?”

“But she’s not going to…”

Her reply was cut off as the two disappeared into the crowd of people walking the London streets. She shook her head, pushing the two strange people out of her head. At least she wouldn’t have to see them again.

Could her day get any stranger? Forgetting the various incidents that had occurred during her walk to work, Martha prepared herself for the day ahead, not realising that the encounter with the strange man and woman would take her on an adventure she would never forget.

To be continued...

Smith, Jones and Tyler part one >>


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Sep. 15th, 2010 01:47 am (UTC)
Oh, late comment, I know... but I love this. :D Going to read the other chapters now!
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