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CHOICES (4 0f 40)

Title: Choices
Author: ariel_0988
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor. No pairings, though hints of Ten/Rose
Rating: PG
Spoilers: All of Series 3
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Summary: Rose Tyler remains with the Doctor after Doomsday, but her choice has brought consequences that she did not foresee. But when Martha Jones joins the TARDIS crew, she realises that tensions are running high between the Doctor and his human companion. Can Martha Jones heal Rose's broken heart and mend the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, or is Rose doomed to wander the stars with a man who has had his faith shaken in human kind by Rose's one significant choice? Series 3 AU.

Previous Chapters: Prologue; SJ+Tpart1; SJ+Tpart2

“She was here, she was right here,” gasped Martha as they stood together in Mr Stoker’s office. The consultant’s body was lying on the ground beside his desk. His eyes were wide open, completely dull - his whole life had been drained from his body. The only sign of a physical injury was a pinprick on the side of his neck.

The Doctor looked at the human sadly. “She drained him dry, every last drop. I was right, she is a Plasmavore.”

“But what is she doing on Earth?” said Rose, breathlessly. The lack of oxygen was getting to her.

The Doctor stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Hiding, but what is she doing now? She’s still not safe, the Judoon could execute us all – Come on!”

He began to run out but Martha said: “Wait a minute.” She bent down to her mentor’s body and gently closed his eyes. She looked up at the Doctor, who nodded at her in respect. All three left of the office, silently; Martha with a few tears in her eyes as she thought how Mr Stoker had died a truly horrible death.

Once back in the corridor the Doctor looked urgently around running his long fingers through his hair and said: “Think, think, think, if I was a wanted Plasmavore, surrounded by police, what would I do?” His eyes focused on the signs at the end and he swallowed. “Oh no…she’s clever as me, almost…”

“What is she up to?” asked Rose, recognising the look of horror on his face.

“If I’m right, and I hope I’m wrong, she will try to fry half the planet with an MRI machine and in doing so would wipe out the Judoon and everyone in this hospital. She would be protected by the screen of course – it’s dodgy science but would work hypothetically, as long as you had the knowledge of how to put things together and Plasmavores do have good knowledge on those types of things..” He was saying this quite fast so it was difficult for Martha to keep up with what he was saying.

Suddenly there was a loud bang and the sounds of stomping feet could be heard coming closer to them. There was an unmistakable shout: “Find the non-human!”

“Oh no…” whispered Rose, looking frantically at the Doctor. The Judoon had found him and as soon as they had him in their sights he would be pronounced guilty and killed.

The Doctor looked anxiously around and then turned back to Martha; Rose was standing next to him.

“Martha, I need time. I need you two to stay here – you’ve got to hold them up!”

“How do I do that?” asked Martha, as fear mixed with adrenaline rushed through her body.

He gave Rose a quick look. “Sorry.” He turned back to Martha. “Just, forgive me for this. It could save a thousand lives. And it means nothing, honestly, nothing.”

And before she knew it he was kissing her. His tongue was running over lips. She was completely startled by his movement, not expecting him to have done that. The Doctor pulled away and ran off, ignoring the look of betrayal on Rose’s face.

“That was nothing?” asked Martha.

“Don’t get your hopes up, Martha,” advised Rose, quite calmly. “I did and I was stupid for doing so. It is so easy to fall in love with him but you have to be prepared for it to hurt.”

“They why are you still with him if you are unhappy?”

Rose blinked the tears from her eyes. “I have nowhere else to go. This is the only life I can live now. Sometimes we are fine with each other, like everything is how it was used to be. But he can never forgive me. Our relationship, if it had been progressing into something more, it certainly can’t now.”

Martha stepped forward and pulled the girl into a hug, comforting her. “I’m sorry.” She felt bad for Rose. Her new friend was stuck in a dead-end relationship, completely convinced that she had nothing left to live for in the normal world – she wondered if she could help her? But it was not the time to give advice as the Judoon stomped round the corner, holding their blasters.

The leader reached the two girls who were now standing side-by-side, preventing the Judoon from getting past. They could just as easily have pushed them to the side, but instead raised the scanner.

Martha swallowed, trying to sound brave as she faced the horrific creatures. “Now, listen, I know who you are looking for. She’s this woman, she calls herself Florence…” She was cut off as the Judoon captain waved the device in front of her.

“Human,” he stated, but then the device made a strange noise and Martha found herself being pushed back against the wall, the Judoon’s breath in her face. “Partial Non Human!” The Captain shone his scanner all over Martha’s body before it focused on her lips. “Non Human element confirmed! Authorise full scan!”

“Get away from her! She’s done nothing wrong!” shouted Rose, stubbornly trying to pull the Captain away from the medical student. But the other Judoon hauled her away, pushing her out of the little group that was surrounding Martha.

The Judoon clustered around Martha, shining their devices at her. Her heart was beating fast and she was scared, so very scared.

“What are you? What are you?” The Captain breathed in her face.

Keep calm, Martha. You are buying the Doctor time. He needs it. Just keep calm. She told herself this over and over, taking deep calming breaths, even as the Judoon scanned her body, pressing their devices to her skin, taking samples to – she assumed – figure out what species she was.

She could just see past the Judoon hedging her against the wall; she saw Rose running off, mouthing ‘sorry’ in her direction. Martha couldn’t blame her; her friend was probably in trouble. Her job was to prevent the Judoon from finding him. She swallowed, waiting for the scan to end so that she could go and find the Doctor herself.

She only hoped that Rose wouldn’t anger her friend further by going after him.


Rose ran swiftly along the corridor, ignoring the guilt that ran through her for abandoning her new friend but she couldn’t let the Doctor go off by himself. She had always said that she would never leave him, and she would never forgive herself if anything happened to him. She swallowed as she skidded to a stop outside the X-Ray corridor. There were flashes coming from one of the rooms and she knew instinctively that was where the Doctor was.

Creeping forward she moved towards the door, scrunching her eyes shut as light flashed in the room. Cautiously she reached out a hand and gently pushed the door open, her breathing shallow as she dared to take a look at what was going on inside.

“No…” she breathed, fear coursing through her body.

She saw the Doctor being held by one of the couriers, and the old lady – the Plasmavore – was leaning over him. In her hand she held a straw that was embedded in his jugular vein. She was sucking the blood from him. His face was pale, colour leaving his cheeks and he looked weak. His lips were barely moving but he was whispering something while his life was sucked from his body.

Ignoring the warnings that were going through her head – that she shouldn’t interfere – Rose took the biggest risk and stepped inside the room, yelling: “Leave him alone!”

The Plasmavore turned round, her eyes wide, but then she smiled as she saw Rose standing there, without any weapons. “You can’t stop me girl,” she hissed, turning back to the Doctor.

Rose moved forward, but in an instant, the courier that had held the Doctor had dropped him on the floor and lashed out at Rose, sending her crashing to the floor. Her head smashed onto the ground and blackness consumed her.

The last thing she heard as unconsciousness consumed her was the lady’s harsh words: “You’ll be next, my dear, once I’ve finished with him.”


Martha breathed a sigh of relief as the Judoon captain moved away from her.

“Confirm: Human. Traces of facial contact with Non-Human,” he turned to his officers and ordered: “Continue the search!” As they marched away the Captain gave Martha a sheet of A4, thrusting it into her hand. “You will need this.”

Martha eyed it carefully but she was unable to decipher the alien writing on it. “What’s this for?”

“Compensation,” the Judoon announced as he thundered away to join his troops who had resumed their search.

She shook her head, pocketed the piece of paper and ran after them, determined not to let them hurt the Doctor. Following them down the corridor, she was only able to last a few seconds before she had to stop and take a deep breath. The oxygen levels were dropping fast. It was getting harder to breathe. She stumbled along after the Judoon, focusing her mind on what she may have to do at the end of it.

They approached the X-Ray room, where flashes of light could still be seen. Martha hurried after them. With a kick to the door, the Judoon strode into the room.

She could distinctively hear Florence Finnegan say: “Now, see what you’ve done? This poor man just died of fright.”

Martha’s breath hitched in her throat. Oh, god…he was dead…

She ran into the room, pushing past the Judoon and gasped. The Doctor was lying on the floor, completely lifeless. The Judoon pronounced him dead and that the case was closed. Martha’s heart was beating fast, her eyes widened as she spotted Rose lying on the floor, just beginning to stir.

She was desperate. The real criminal had got away with it – had killed an innocent man. She pointed an accusing finger at the old lady. “But it was her! She killed him, she did it. She murdered him!”

“Judoon have no authority over human crime,” the Captain said turning to leave.

“But she’s not human,” cried Martha, desperation in her voice.

The old lady smiled grimly, holding up her hand. It was marked with an X, showing that she had been marked as a human. “I’ve been catalogued.”

“But she’s not! She assimilated…” And then the realisation hit her. “Wait a minute. You drank his blood? The Doctor’s blood – ” She turned quickly and grabbed one of the Judoon’s scanning devices from its belt and turned it on Miss Finnegan.

“I don’t mind, scan all you like,” she said, sounding confident.

But Martha knew the truth. The Doctor was non-human. She had drunk his blood, therefore making herself non-human. He had tricked her into believing he was human. The device she was holding made a startling sound.

“Non-Human!” pronounced the Captain.

“What?” The Plasmavore was flabbergasted, unable to understand why she was reading as a non-human.

“Confirm analysis!” All of the Judoon held up their scanning devices, waving them over Miss Finnegan. Each beeped, claiming that she was non-human.

She was stepping back, horrified by the outcome. “But that’s a mistake! I’m human, human as they come!”

“He gave his life so that they could find you,” whispered Martha. She noticed then that Rose had got to her knees, her eyes focused on the form of the Doctor. Tears were running down her cheeks as she moved forward. Everything around Martha went still; all she could see was the Doctor and Rose. She ignored the flash of red light and the high pitched scream of “burn with me;” her mind utterly focused on what Rose had just lost.

She was only brought out of her stupor as the Judoon began marching out the room. She swallowed as she realised the flashing and cackling MRI scanner. Bolts of electricity danced around it, and Martha had to wonder why the Judoon had left it like that. They were already gone, but she didn’t think what the Plasmavore had done to it would be any good for Earth.

“Wake up!” shouted Rose, pressing on the Doctor’s chest. “Please…don’t leave me!”

Martha stepped forward and knelt down beside her, carefully taking hold of Rose’s hands and pushing them away from the Doctor’s chest where she was trying to apply pressure. “Let me do this,” she said hastily. “I’m trained in this type of thing.”

Rose nodded, tears smudging her face. She sat back, rocking on the soles of her feet.

Carefully placing two hands where his heart would be she began to pump up and down five times, before breathing into his mouth. She did this repeatedly but his heart wouldn’t start. But then she remembered the two beats from earlier on in the day.

“Why didn’t I remember?” she chastised herself. “He’s got two hearts!”

Once more, with Rose watching, she began to apply pressure, this time switching from one side of his chest to the other, pumping down five times before breathing air into his mouth. She felt woozy; the air was going down, and Martha took one deep breath, struggling not to let herself fall into the darkness that was beckoning her. Then she lowered her lips to his mouth and fed him the air. As she pulled away he coughed and breathed in.

Martha slowly sank to the floor. The Doctor turned his head to face her. She could see the pain in his eyes and he looked dazed. She had to tell him…

“I think she’s done something to the scanner… The air, I gave you my last…”

And then blackness consumed her.


Her head was pounding as she woke from the darkness. Martha carefully sat up. She was lying on a hospital bed. She couldn’t even remember how she had got here. The last thing she recalled was trying to save the Doctor’s life as the air in the hospital was running out. She stood up from the bed and walked to the window. They were back on Earth! She could see ambulances and police and medics all working outside, helping patients out of the hospital.

Gingerly she made her way out the building, wondering where the Doctor and Rose had gone. She saw her sister Tish running towards her and enveloped her in a sisterly hug.

“Oh my God, I thought you were dead, what happened? It was so weird! Cos the police wouldn't say, they didn't have a clue, and I tried phoning, Mum's on her way but she can't get through, they've closed off the roads, there's thousands of people trying to get in, the whole city's come to a halt, and Dad phoned, cos it's on the news and everything, he was crying, oh my God, I've been a mess, but what happened, I mean what really happened, where were you?” garbled Tish.

Martha ignored her sister’s ramblings. Instead her eyes were focused on a man and a woman that had just walked past a little distance away. The Doctor and Rose Tyler gave her a wave and a smile, before walking into a blue police box. After a few seconds it made a noise and then vanished. She shook her head wondering if she would ever see them again.


Her brother’s twenty-first birthday party was not going well. It had turned into another family argument. There were so many these days that Martha barely had time to relax before another one started. Her father running off with a blonde was a sore point with her mother. Annalise was not welcome at the party, and Francine Jones had made it a point to ensure she understood this.

Martha followed the rest of her family outside the pub where Leo’s party was being held as Annalise made a scene by proclaiming that what had happened on the moon was entirely of Martha’s imagination. She claimed that the news had said so, however even Martha knew that Annalise couldn’t handle anything that required her to think about things. She liked meaningless things such as celebrity-filled shows like Big Brother.

She let the argument wash over her, knowing that she would soon be called to sort out the mess. As the peace-maker of the family, that was her job.

Martha sighed, watching helplessly as her mother stormed off, with Tish following her, while Leo followed his dad and Annalise. She shook her head. Once again, another evening had been ruined by Annalise.

Martha sighed and was about to take a slow walk home when she noticed that right across from the street from her stood the Doctor, leaning back against the wall, smiling at her. Beside him was Rose. He slinked round the corner, dragging Rose with him. Curious, Martha ran across the road and followed them into the dark alley. They were both disappearing round the corner when Martha began to jog down the alley. She peered round the second corner and found the Doctor leaning back against a blue police-box. Rose was standing slightly off to the side, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket, the same clothes that she had been wearing when they had approached her in Chancellor Street. No one spoke, as if they were embarrassed to see each other.

Finally, Martha broke the silence, sighing carefully as she remembered the adventure she had been in earlier. “I went to the moon today.”

“Bit more peaceful than down here,” the Doctor said, referring to her parents’ argument.

Martha stepped closer. “You never even told me who you really are.”

“The Doctor,” he said.

“But what sort of species? And it’s not every day I get to ask that,” she pointed out.

The Doctor smirked at her as he replied. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Right. Not pompous at all,” she grinned.

He laughed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a new shiny Sonic Screwdriver. “I just thought…since you saved my life, and I’ve got a brand new Sonic Screwdriver which needs road-testing…You might fancy a trip?” He raised his eyebrows at her.

“What? Into space? But... I can't,” she replied, wistfully. “I've got exams, I've got things to do, I've got to go into town first thing and pay the rent, and I've got my family going mad.”

“If it helps... I can travel in time, as well.”

Rose nodded enthusiastically at this. “He can. He’s taken me to the end of the world, the beginning of creation…”

Martha shook her head, hardly daring to believe the impossible. “Oh come on. That's going too far.”

“I'll prove it,” said the Doctor, walking into the box. Rose followed suit, giving Martha a smile. A few seconds passed and then the box began to emit a wheezing sound and then disappeared.

Martha was in complete shock. She walked forward, into the empty space that the box had occupied, holding out her hands. Then she heard the engines again, and darted back to where she had stood. The box reappeared, and then the Doctor walked out, holding up his tie. Rose followed suit, looking downcast.

“Told you.”

“No, but... That was this morning, but... Did you just..?” And then she remembered her encounter with them this morning. She realised that in the few seconds they had been gone from her, an argument had broken out between them – that accounted for why the Doctor had been upset at Rose earlier, but not when she had seen them in the hospital. “Oh my God! You can travel in time! But hold on, if you could see me this morning, why didn't you tell me not to go to work?!”

The Doctor started to put his tie back on, but answered her question. “Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden.” And then he smiled, “Except for cheap tricks.”

“And that's your spaceship?” she nodded at the box.

“It's called the TARDIS,” said Rose, meeting Martha’s gaze.

“It means Time And Relative Dimensions In Space,” added the Doctor.

Martha stepped forward, placing a hand on the side of the box. “Your spaceship is made of wood? But there's not much room, we'd be a bit...close.”

“Take a look,” he stood aside, pushing one of the wooden doors open so that she could step inside.

She walked forward and glanced inside. Her mind was whirling as she realised that it was bigger on the inside. But it looked magnificent and slightly impossible. The Doctor stood on the ramp, Rose beside him.

“No, no, no…” whispered Martha, running back outside and walking round the entire box. She touched the wooden box, trying to take it all in. “But it's just a box... But it's huge! How does it do that? It's wood! It's like a box with that room just.... crammed in!” She stepped back inside and said: “It's bigger on the inside!”

“Is it? I hadn't noticed,” said the Doctor as he ran forward, full of energy. He had already thrown the coat he wore onto one of the poles, ignoring the coat hanger that stood there. He was jabbing at buttons on the console, dancing round it.

“Is there a crew?” asked Martha. “Like, the navigator and stuff, where's everyone else?”

“It’s just the Doctor and I,” responded Rose.

“There’s no other Time Lords?” asked Martha.

Rose shook her head. “No, not anymore.”

Martha raised her eyebrows, intending to ask what she meant but the Doctor’s harsh reply stopped her.

“Don’t, Rose. Just, don’t.” He had an unpleasant look on his face which was directed at Rose, but it suddenly became light, his eyes brightening. “I have guests. I mean, sort of friends, travelling alongside me. Like Rose, for a start.”

Martha shot a side-glance at Rose, who she saw looked like she was about to cry. What had happened between them?

“So, where in time and space would you like to go?” he asked her, smiling broadly as he leaned over the console.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. Surprise me!”

“Alright, then. Hold on tight!”

Once more he bounded round the console, throwing switches. He placed one hand on a big lever, before levelling his gaze at Martha. “Ready?”


“And off we go!” He slammed the lever down, and the whole room shook.

Martha was thrown on to the console and she quickly held on to it. Rose was doing the same, grinning at her.

“Blimey! It’s a bit bumpy!” exclaimed Martha.

“It always has been,” replied Rose, “but you’ll get used to it.”

The Doctor reached across the console to shake Martha’s hand. “Welcome aboard Miss Jones!”

“My pleasure Mr Smith!”

To be continued...




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