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Title: Doctor on Trial
Author: ariel_0988
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Mystery, Angst
Summary: The Doctor is convicted of murder on the planet Valafax. Can Rose and Martha find the culprit before the Doctor is executed for his crime?
Characters: Ten, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and original characters.

Warnings: Graphic torture in this chapter. I was originally not going to include this in the chapters, however it was requested by a friend of mine who wanted these parts included. Apologies to anyone who finds this uncomfortable reading.

Sunrise on Valafax: the golden rays of the heated sun warmed the planet below, giving light to its occupants that were just emerging from the night cycle. Humarians went about their business, taking their children to school, while mothers and fathers worked to bring in the required income they needed to raise a family.

On the edge of this busy environment, as the streets blared to life, stood Rose Tyler and Martha Jones, sleep deprived and on tenterhooks. They waited by the mansion gates, waiting for their companion to join them. They had already been given the DNA sample a few minutes ago by Baron, who had retreated back inside.

Looking up at the house, her eyes focused upon the eagle statues that stood on the roof. For some reason it made Rose shiver. Somewhere in that house was the Doctor, probably right at this very moment being tortured to an inch on his life and there was nothing they could do about it.

"Rose?" asked Martha, laying a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Are you okay?"

Rose nodded. "As best as I can be in these times."

"He'll be fine," soothed Martha. "He won't die."

"You really believe that?"

"'Course I do. We're going to get the evidence. I just know it. I'm choosing to believe that anything is possible right now."

"You don't think that Baron's son is going to try to stop us from finding evidence?" questioned Rose. "I don't think he likes us very much."

"Who would?" stated Martha. "We're trying to help the man who was convicted of his sister's murder. But if we play our game right we will win him over. What we need to find out about is the Underground we've heard so much about. For a species that isn't particularly violent, I'm surprised they even have one."

"Every society has its secrets," mused Rose. "And they're part human. We must get pretty violent in the future to cause the Mians to become unstable through breeding with us. Maybe those identified with that risk go underground and live away from normal society. But once in a while, one gets itchy and comes out of hiding and attacks?"

"Or an ordinary member of society who isn't classified as dangerous suddenly snaps... and the underground takes them in because its there to protect the innocents," added Martha, smiling broadly. "Because of the lack of crime, only a few Humarian DNA is stored in records, we know that. So the real killer's ID wouldn't be on a database, unless they have shown violent tendencies in the past, right?"

"Yeah... so it could be anyone? We can't exactly go around testing everyone's DNA in the hope that the real killer we be one of them," said Rose.

"You're right. I didn't that through particularly well."

Rose patted Martha on the shoulder. "That's okay. We're both tired and we both want to get off this planet, preferably with the Doctor intact."

Ahead of them the mansion door opened and out-stepped Arka. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with a black leather jacket on. He marched towards them, a sullen expression on his face but as soon as he reached them, his face widened into a smile and he lifted up his right hand, brandishing cuts made to the knuckles.

"Morning, Humans! I've just been beating up your friend. I had to change my clothes because his blood stained them so much, and oh, look, I hurt myself too. I would have cut his jugular vein and watched the blood pour from his body...but I know my other brothers and my father want to have some fun with him before his head is removed from his body." He grinned, clearly baiting them on.

"Let's just get this over with so we can leave this planet with the Doctor in one piece," said Rose, trying to reign in her temper. She could tell that Arka was going to keep saying things like that throughout their investigation, trying to tempt them into losing their anger and doing something they would regret. Walking away, Rose led Martha down the street, with Arka trailing behind them.

- - - - -

The Doctor was tied to a chair, his wrists pulled back behind him, thick rope wound around them. Blood fell from his nose. He was sure it was broken. The Humarian who had identified himself as Arka had spent the best part of an hour pummelling him in the face, chest and stomach and had even kicked him where males really didn't want to be kicked. It still hurt. Blood stained his orange prison overalls.

He was surrounded by equipment – torture equipment – and he really didn't like the look of those needles that were situated to the right of him.

"Good morning."

The Doctor looked up and saw Baron Wilkinson standing in the cell's doorway. "I can't say it has been a good one for me..."

"Yes, my eldest son Arka is quite violent. It's not known to the general population. He has a lot of anger, a side-effect of us being half Human, half Mian. It is unfortunate that my son has been affected by this ailment. It's a shame really that he has to be contained and not allowed out in case he lets loose. But he's done well lately to control himself," smiled Baron, obviously pleased by his son's progress. "I've assigned him to accompany your friend's while they look for evidence that will prove your innocence."

"You've spoken to Rose and Martha?" asked the Doctor. He had not been informed of this. Arka had seemed such a gloating type...

Baron brushed his fingernails with a brush he had extracted from his pocket. "I have. They are looking for evidence to prove your innocence, if there is any. Considering seven days is hardly enough time to gather suitable evidence, you won't be seeing them again. Well, maybe just before the executioner takes your head off."

"And if I die and am ultimately proven innocent later on..." the Doctor started.

"Then I'll deal with if and when the time comes," interrupted Baron. He turned towards a table, that was scattered with knifes of all shapes and sizes. He picked up a small one, but it was sharp.

The Doctor's eyes widened as Baron grabbed his hair, wrenching his head back and exposing his throat. "What are you doing? I thought I wasn't been killed for a few more days yet!"

"This," said Baron, without explaining further.

The Doctor felt blood trickle down his neck. He was being marked. Baron was giving the executioner a line to go by... where to cut on the day of his execution. This man was so convinced he was guilty he was willing to prepare him, seven days before it.

The bloodied knife was placed back on the table, amongst the clean ones.

Baron stood in front of the Doctor, an uneasy look on his features.

"You feel guilty about doing this to me, don't you?" said the Doctor, meeting his torturer's gaze. "You want me to be guilty so you can do what you want to me without feeling like its wrong, that you're getting vengeance for your daughter's death. Am I right?"

Baron exploded in a fit of rage. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! You are guilty of her death! You killed my precious baby." He sunk his head into his hands. "Why did I acquire that DNA sample for your friends? The law is never wrong. There is too much evidence against you! You may not have raped my daughter, but you were involved!"

"I fell on her in the dark!" shouted the Doctor, his own temper raised.

"Yes, you did! You fell on her and took away her innocence!"

"It was dark," said the Doctor coolly."There were no lights where your daughter was. DNA can be passed on through open wounds and your daughter had them. If I killed your daughter I would have admitted it. I've done other – worse things in my life – things you would never understand, but that is one thing I'm not: a liar. If I was guilty of something, I'd admit to it. But I did nothing to your daughter."

Silence echoed in the air.

Prisoner and captor stared at one another, sizing each other up.

"Maybe that's why I decided to help your friend's getting hold of the other DNA sample. I want to believe you are guilty and I want to hurt you for what you did to my little girl. But I also want to know the truth." He turned away from his prisoner. "It's happened once before. Someone was convicted of murder and executed. Ten years later it was found he was innocent and the family of the victim deeply regretted believing what they were told about the executed man. The family, in the end, committed suicide because they couldn't stand the guilt."

The Doctor sighed. "I won't blame you if you want to hurt me... I understand what it's like to lose loved ones. You want revenge. If I'm ultimately proven innocent, I want you to know that I won't hold it against you for whatever you do to me now." He couldn't make Baron change his mind, but he could at least make him feel guilty, especially if he forgave him in advance.

Baron looked back at the Doctor, his eyes weary. "I will be back later. Consider yourself lucky you've got a reprieve because this session would have lasted a lot longer if we hadn't had our little chat."

It gave him a little food for thought, mused the Doctor.

- - - - -

Surprisingly, when asked for information, Arka was more than willing to give it to them, if he knew the answer. They had decided, mutually, that Martha would ask Arka if he knew anything about the Underground. They had learnt many interesting things. The Underground had been formed when the first Humarians had first started to show signs of instability. A leading doctor had set up a help group for them, which had slowly expanded to an underground base located beneath the city. If a murder was committed and the killer identified, execution was the only solution, however if one was to only harm another Humarian, they would be sentenced to a minimum of ten years in jail and a maximum of twenty-five, depending on how severe the injuries inflicted were before being exiled from society and placed within the care of the Underground.

Arka had told them that the government chose the people who run it very carefully. Reports were made about their progress and whether they considered any to be a threat in the future. It was a system that Rose did not agree with, but considering that murders and violence was relatively low, it did show that keeping them away from normal society was working.

It was midday and the two companions and their 'guide' sat at a table in a local pub, drinks in front of them waiting for their contact to arrive. Arka did know where the entrance to the Underground was, however one required pass codes to be admitted, which he did not have. So they had to wait, wasting time while the Doctor was being tortured.

They had been sitting there quietly for over an hour when a shadow fell over their table.

"Redar!" grinned Arka. "It's been a long time since I last saw you!"

Tall, skinny, and with a fluff of purple hair, and bright orange eyes, Redar pulled up a chair and sat down at their table, placing his drink upon the wood; his eyes running over both Rose and Martha, inspecting them. "It was only last week we saw each other, Arka."

"Still a long time for me, old buddy," replied Arka, hastily.

"So, what brings you to want to enter the Underground?"

Arka nodded towards the two females. "Them."

"We believe that you have a killer and a rapist within your community," started Rose. "Our friend has been accused and convicted of murder. He is to be executed in seven days, but we both know he is innocent."

"Was your friend's DNA found on the body?" asked Redar, his eyebrows rose as he spoke.

"Yes," replied Martha, indignantly, "but he fell on top of her."

"That's what they all say," Redar grinned. "Face it, your friend is a killer. You may as well let them lop his head off instead of believing the unthinkable."

Rose leaned forward, her eyes hard, and her lips thinned. "We only arrived on this planet a few hours before the body was found. Martha and I went shopping and called the Doctor, who stayed within the confines of his ship to do some repair work. We called him up to join us for a meal. He came out, it was dark and he tripped over a body, falling on top of her. We know he is not capable of killing an innocent girl. Now, are you gonna give us these damn codes so we can find the real murderer or what?"

"Woah, you've got a feisty one there, Arka!" laughed Redar, patting his friend on the back. "Let's hope she doesn't make you lose your temper!"

"I've never had a temper, Rey, you know that," scowled Arka, his voice sharp. "I find it offensive you think I'd have a temper like those criminals down in the Underground."

Redar shrugged, reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Rose. "Here. All the codes you need. There are six codes for the one entrance. One for getting in, in the morning: one for getting in for the afternoon and the same for the evening. The other three codes are for getting out of the Underground in the morning, afternoon and evening."

"Thank you," said Rose, slipping the piece of paper into her pocket.

"We'd better get going," said Martha, standing up from her chair. "We haven't got long. I'm sure you understand that."

Rose was uncomfortably aware that Redar was watching their backs as they departed the pub, and she couldn't help but wonder about him.

- - - - -

The Doctor had not been left alone. Oh no.

Baron hadn't returned. But his two other son's had come for a visit. They were wrecked with grief and their fury at him was indescribable. They had taken him from his chair and laid him upon the floor, cutting open his prison overalls, so that his back was exposed. Taking a knife each they had cut two deep marks in his flesh. Blood had poured from them, covering his back, his fingers slick with his own blood. What came after that was even worse.


They had sprinkled salt directly into his wounds. He had not been able to hold back the scream that had erupted from his mouth. They had laughed at him, telling him he deserved it. Then purposefully both of them had reached down and dragged a finger each through the cuts exposed on his back.

This time, the Doctor had held back the cry, but he screwed his face up, panting horribly as pain wracked his body.

He didn't deserve this...

"Hey, bro, how about we suffocate him like he did to our sister? He deserves it after all," one of his torturers suggested.

"Father said not to kill him."

"We won't kill him. Teach him a lesson though."

The Doctor was swiftly rolled onto his back, the two brothers forcefully pressing his bloody and salted back down onto the cold stone floor. He groaned as agony washed through him.

"You don't like that, do you?" spat one of the brothers, his saliva falling onto the Doctor's face. "You shouldn't have done what you did to our sister then, should you?"

He didn't answer, just waited. There was no point in arguing. He wouldn't win anyway.

Cloth was wrapped around his head, restricting his air supply, preventing him from breathing in. He struggled for what it was worth. Stars danced in his head as he fought to breathe... and then the pressure lifted and he sucked in a deep breath, even as a foot kicked him in the head, sending him into total oblivion.

To be continued...



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