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 So it has been a while since I even posted here. Been having a busy time of it lately. However, you will be pleased to know that the Choices-verse series is now complete! There are three stories in total. Choices, Doctor on Trial, Promises. 

Choices will be debuting first and I will update once a day when I am able. A note will appear if I am unable to update for a few days. Once I reach a certain point in Choices, I will start posting Doctor on Trial and post both stories simultaneously. Promises will debut after Choices has been completely posted as this is a direct sequel to it. 

I am now hard at work on finishing my Ten/Donna story and I hope to complete that in a number of weeks. I will then focus my attention on updating some of my older stories before beginning to post them on here. It will also be at that point that I will start to - hopefully - work on finishing the two Harry Potter stories that I started years ago and would like to finish. Over the next few months you will see a lot of work coming from me! 


Fic news

I have now officially finished posting my Choices-verse epics of 'Choices' and 'Promises' on my fanfiction.net profile as well as over on GallifreyBase.

Over the next few weeks, I fully intend to start editing these stories and begin posting them on here.

I am also working on writing a story that is set within the original 'Choices' arc, which I hope to finish before starting to post. Providing nothing gets in my way, I intend to start posting my Ten/Donna Series 4 adventure story, as well as the edited versions of The Companion Series. More on that later. :)

As for real-life, well I have now met and officially had a hug from Sheridan Smith!!! And shook hands with Sophie Aldred (Ace from the Seventh Doctor era). These encounters can now be 'filed' under "Who stars I have touched". :D



Having decided to try to finish some stories I started back in 2008, getting back into the train of thought that allowed me to start writing them in the first place is very difficult. However I have made some progress. 

Saving Him (title may change), my Ten and Donna, set during Series 4 story has made some headway. Originally the chapters were over 3000 words long, but I have now split them up into smaller chapters, so they range from 1000-2000 words. Instead of writing Chapter 6 as I would of been if I hadn't split them up, means I am now on Chapter 12. I do intend on starting to upload this fic to my LJ in the next few days.

I have also made a decision regarding whether I will be posting my Choices-verse series of AU's for Series 3 and 4. I have decided that I will probably post them to LifeOnMartha and dwfiction communities. I intend to shorten the chapters if possible, and edit them into master copies as I go along. Whether I get around to doing this is another thing entirely. :)   


Upcoming fanfictions

Under the cut are a list of upcoming fanfictions that I hope to post on here in the future.

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 This is brand new to me. Here I will be posting my stories, updates on my life (if anyone is interested of course!), and generally having a ramble about what is fair and what's not fair in life.

Still trying to get the hang of this... I will be joining some LJ communities in the next few days in order to acquaint myself with the LJ world!   




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